Thursday, December 18, 2008

Between Advent Posts: The Greatest Inspirational Speech Ever

So Glad it's on Youtube.

One of the greatest moments in action film history, for you to see. Turn the volume up for the full effect.

From Deep Blue Sea.
Still makes me laugh out loud every time.

Go Samuel Jackson!


Brian said...

Off topic, but for some reason practically all of your posts are showing up on the bottom of mine, in the spot usually reserved for posts that link to me. I assume it's b/c every page has an updated link list, but do you know what's causing the malfunction?

Also, since we're here, you're friends with ExpatJane, right? Her site always causes my computer to freeze up . . . anybody else ever have that problem? I can't decide if I want to like the page, because I can never get it to open in the first place.

k thx.

Caryn Ouwehand said...


that scared me.

Seriously, that was funny though.

Roboseyo said...

Brian: I don't know. My blog has been showing up in all kinds of wonky links lists, on other sites than just yours, too. I haven't done anything: haven't even changed settings on my blog in a while, so I have no idea what's going on there.

Roboseyo said...

I posted a query at the blogger help discussion group; it might fix it if I take you off my blogroll, but I dont' want to do that, for obvious reasons.

Roboseyo said...

as for expat jane, have you tried going there in a different browser?

Brian said...

No, I haven't tried that. I'll probably have to look into getting firefox or something . . . but I'm not tech-savvy so that'll be a big project for later. I tried her site via google reader but it still wouldn't work.

Anyway, that video was scary.