Thursday, December 04, 2008

Photo Dump

More of the cool light show at the Jens Lekman concert.
Ahh hongdae.  How I love you, and not just your one, but your FOUR ho bars.

Odd, vaguely dirty sign of the day.
Obviously they pulled up the sidewalk blocks, and then put them back down in the wrong spots, creating this funny, exploding zebra effect where there used to be parking lines.
Problem with living in the city: when you KNOW there's a gorgeous sunset going on somewhere, but the buildings are just blocking it all up anyway, so the best you get is a gorgeous cloud's edge and some lovely light on the side of a building, and a monster-tease.

This empty house, on the edge of a construction site, probably slated for destruction, and hollowed right out, had a really melancholy feel.  I had to set the lens and exposure time on maximum, and hold the camera perfectly still for eight seconds (harder than it sounds) to get this clear picture: it was actually dark as a mushroom farm out there.  Meanwhile, I had the most melancholy song on my entire MP3 player buzzing in my ears, just to make the whole thing a little sadder again.

My humidifier looked nice in the morning sunlight.

From the Hire a Proofreader, Nimrod! files:

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tamie marie said...

Taking a picture of a humidifier in great light is totally something I would do. Good photos, friend.

Whitey said...

Paris Baguette has a bad track record when it comes to English.

At my local store, there was a big sign on the wall behind the counter that featured such bad English that I rewrote the copy in correct English and gave it to the staff. To their credit, they changed the sign.

JIW said...

Wonderful snapshots~!