Friday, October 21, 2011

What is your Favorite Blog Poll Results

10 Magazine recently ran a poll for "Who is your favorite Korea blogger" and I placed tenth.

Thanks for the votes, readers and fans, and thanks for running the poll, 10 Magazine.

I had trouble logging onto the site, and couldn't access the voting area, so I ended up not promoting the poll this time, which makes me feel more honored and surprised to place tenth this year than last year, when I placed fourth... through vigorously pushing my readers and facebook and twitter friends to vote for me. These polls generally reflect who sends their readers to vote for them most energetically, so I'm very pleased to have placed despite not pushing my readers to vote at all. It makes me feel awesome.

In other news, I just passed 200 followers.

So thanks Roboseyo fans! You make it worthwhile.


Jake said...

This contest ruffled some feathers a few years back if I remember correctly. The fallout from the previous 'contest' was actually more interesting than the contest itself.

Roboseyo said...

you're making me all sentimental, Jake.

fun times.