Saturday, October 08, 2011

EVERYTHING is Happening

I've received a whole bunch of notices I'd like to tell you all about...

1. The Kotesol Conference...
I strongly encourage English teachers in Korea to do something with their year or two in Korea (other than the usual having fun/see the world things), because otherwise it can be a bit of a black hole on your resume. KOTESOL is a great organization to get involved with, to sharpen your tools as a teacher, and to demonstrate a commitment to your profession that will help you with employers, and in the classroom.

60 presentations. Go visit the KOTESOL site for more information.

2. As seen on Popular Gusts:

 On the evening of Tuesday October 11, 19:00, Mr. Devolin and Senator Martin will host a dinner reception for Canadian English teachers in Seoul at Maple Tree House, Jongno-gu, Samchung-dong 31-1 (02-730-7461) for a casual exchange of ideas and open discussion on a range of issues over (free) Korean BBQ. What we would ask of you is to spread the word (quickly) among your friends/colleagues/acquaintances who are Canadian English teachers interested in the idea of having a meaningful discussion on Korea-related topics or issues of concern to English teachers in Korea. Of course, all of you may attend this event as well. As solid attendence would help their event to be a success (first 50 to RSVP), your cooperation in inviting contacts is much appreciated.

Attendees: First 50 to reply
Cost: Free
Time: Oct. 11, 19:00-21:00
Location: Maple Tree House (Samchung-dong)

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Brian said...

I'd be careful not to overestimate the role / importance of KOTESOL for teachers in Korea. It's important for teachers to demonstrate some initiative in Korea . . . since most of them won't be teaching when they get home and they will need a track record for their future professions. But there is a big disconnect between what KOTESOL is / does, and what the majority of NSETs in Korea deal with. The conference---and the monthly local meetings---are worth an occassional visit if only because you'll meet some people in teaching positions you might want a year or two down the road. The topic has been explored before, but it would benefit teachers so much more to have professional organizations of public school or hagwon teachers, most of whom are very underserved and underrepresented by KOTESOL.

Besides, the behavior of the higher-ups in the organization rival ATEK in its childishness and do a lot to undermine the sense of professionalism they spend so much time boasting about.