Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ha ha. Here's a fun one: I'm so Korean...

You know "yo mama jokes" that start with "Yo mama's so [adjective]"? Well at my buddy Yujin's blog, somebody left a comment, "I'm so Korean, my genealogy's all in Hangul, even before Hangul was invented." and then a few more you can see here: "I’m so Korean, our family kimchi recipe includes the line “bury and age for 500 years” "I’m so Korean, when somebody breaks into my house, I sigh and think 'Whatever. It’s happened 5000 times before'.'" and so forth. So, readers, what's your best "I'm so Korean..." boast? Put them in the comments. Winner gets a toaster! I'll start things out... "I'm so Korean, my side dishes have side dishes." "I'm so Korean, if I see a tiger in the wild, I offer it a pipe." "I'm so Korean, my mother-in-law asks ME for my dwenjang-jigae recipe."


Anonymous said...

I'm so Korean, I've split myself, and refuse to talk to my northern half.

Anonymous said...

I'm so Korean, I call my bee, "Rain".

DSW said...

Haha. Love it.

My wife likes to joke that I'm Korean by marriage now. Well, I speak better Korean than she does, but I can't cook for shit. Thankfully she mastered dwenjang chiggae, and so we've not gone without over this past year.

chiam said...

I'm so Korean, when I have kids I'm sending them to the United States to learn English.

Roboseyo said...

I'm so Korean, I compliment myself on using chopsticks so well.

Juregen said...

I'm so Korean that even taxi drivers are of no threat to me.

ZenKimchi said...

I'm so Korean that when my wife does something that upsets me, I cut off a finger.

I'm so Korean that my jeong, nunchi, and kibun are too abstract for other Koreans to comprehend.

I'm so Korean that I win Jenga by simply smashing the blocks in two with my fist.

I'm so Korean that other Koreans have to understand my unique culture.

I'm so Korean that I add three extra syllables at the ends of words.

I'm so Korean that I believe that Han Solo refers to Korea's eventual world domination.

Anonymous said...

I'm so Korean, I invented French Fries. I am... original French Fries.

Roboseyo said...

These are awesome!

Here are some of the best from Twitter:

I'm so Korean Eva Longoria & Heidi Klum look the same to me, as do Brad Pitt & Steve Buscemi.

I'm so Korean I apologize for my terrible English ability. In perfect English. At the beginning of every sentence.

@TheAngryHermit I'm so Korean that I checked who else was using this hash tag before tweeting.

I'm so Korean I can eat four big macs and not feel full, or eat half a bowl of rice with seaweed, and be totally satisfied.

I'm so Korean I only eat foods & do activities I'm convinced were invented by korea. It's not too constricting, actually.

I'm so Korean I'm the original Korean.

I'm so Korean, I've sorted my fridge & pantry into 3 categories: "good for man" "healthy" and "foreign junk food."

@aaronnamba I'm so Korean I compliment Korean people on how good their Korean is.

@HolterBarbour I'm so Korean, Koreans offer fawning praise for my English skills.

I'm so Korean, people shout "안녕하세요" out the car window at me as they drive by.

I'm so Korean I give my id number and address to websites that don't even ask for it, just by reflex.

@Rominlee I'm so Korean that when I RSVP to your Saturday party, I have no intention of showing up whatsoever.

I'm so Korean when I invite you to a party on Saturday, it means Friday until Monday #visitkoreayear2010-2012

I'm so Korean I nicknamed my house's bedroom "my home's club med" my kitchen "jeollado of my house" and my phone "talking Mecca"

I'm so Korean old people stop to admire my socks when I'm climbing a mountain.

I'm so Korean halmonis on the subway ask me to stop touching their grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

I'm so Korean that I don't really understand this, took offence, and am now in the process of getting the site shut down.