Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Weird Pictures

Been meaning to publish these for a long time... I took these pictures of a big poster in a subway station a long time ago, and still can't get over how suggestive they are. DSCN5972.JPG DSCN5975.JPG heh heh heh. problem is, with a photo like this, the jokes are way too easy, so I've got nothing to say. DSCN5974.JPG DSCN5976.JPG So... do you think APM did it on purpose? Rather... do you think they'd admit to doing it on purpose? DSCN5973.JPG and a couple of random "sand" konglish pictures for good measure. DSCN3577.JPG DSCN3580.JPG

1 comment:

DSW said...

The chick with the pink balloon is obviously trying to outdo G-Dragon's weird fellatio dance from two years ago. And failing. G-Dragon will always be number one.