Monday, February 21, 2011

Embassy Conference... Smashing!

The Embassy Conference happened today; I'd like to report back in detail, but that will probably be over several posts that discuss different aspects of the topics.  If the video taken by the Canadian Embassy turns out well, I'll be posting video as well.

The turnout was very, very good for such a beautiful day, the presentations were awesome - I felt a bit out of my league, sitting next to Popular Gusts, Metropolitician, and Prof. Ben Wagner, but I got a lot of positive feedback, and best of all, the three organizations I discussed: ATEK, KOTESOL, and AFEK, all showed up in style, to represent their groups.

Great day, thanks to everyone who came, and especially thanks to the Canadian Embassy for putting on the event.  I hope there will be many more like it.

More later.

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Simon said...

Wish I could have been there! Looking forward to the video :D