Saturday, February 12, 2011

How the Internet Gets Inside Your Head

Great article from the New Yorker about how the internet changes the way we think.

Go read it.  "How the Internet Gets Inside Your Head" by Adam Gopnik

Best line - from talking about anonymous commenting:

Thus the limitless malice of Internet commenting: it’s not newly unleashed anger but what we all think in the first order, and have always in the past socially restrained if only thanks to the look on the listener’s face—the monstrous music that runs through our minds is now played out loud.


spinster with cat said...

Internet bulletin boards and the comment sections of blogs are sort of like the bathroom walls of the world wide web. The people who write on them don't generally show restraint or class.

Ah, but what does that say about me?

Anonymous said...

@spinster with cat: It says you're a moron just like me and roboseyo.