Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watch SBS Running Man Tonight!

I can't say TOO much about it until the show airs... but a few mondays ago I stayed up really late, to film an episode of "SBS Running Man" run by Yoo Jae-seok, Korea's top TV show host.

So at 5:20 today, if you're in Korea, turn on the TV, and watch SBS's "Running man" to see what I'm on about.

I met Nikhun... nice, very very nice, very likeable guy.  Even though the gesture he's making to the camera is the british equivalent to the middle finger, I'm sure it's unintentional...

Some of the other stars...


And the man himself, Korea's top TV host, Yu Jaeseok.

And also K-blog celebrities Simon and Martina.  I kept photo-bombing them when they tried to take video.  Can't wait to see the results.

See you (or at least you'll see me) at 5:20.  Or thereabouts.


Roboseyo said...

If the video becomes available online, I'll post it.

Until then, C, I'm going to ask you to re-think your id name before you post again on my blog: my grandmother reads here, and I'd rather she not have words like that pop up unexpectedly.

Anonymous said...

omo omo!! haha I'm sure you're going to get lots and lots of fangirls on here soon, so I'll keep this short =) Can't wait to watch it! This show is hilarious every single week XD Yoo Jae Seok is a genius, in my opinion ^^

Sabina said...

Lucky you. I love that show and you got to meet Gary and Joongki, who are my favorites.

Unknown said...

ahhh Nichkhunnnnnn >.<

thanks for sharing = ]

matt said...

For the videos have a look here and click on "런닝맨 151회 다시보기 (방송일:2010-11-28)" (currently the number two result). There you can get the links to the videos (which require silverlight and might work best in IE).

Another preview article with a couple photos is here.

horvejkul said...

Hey, I came here from :D

I watched the show!! (I'm Korean but I live in New Zealand) Well, because I love Nichkhun. :P It's awesome that you got to meet him. I hope the food they made didn't kill off toooo many of your taste buds, haha. It didn't look amazing from what I saw!

The Seoul Searcher said...

Saw you in HD through VOD. Your braces shone through crystal clear.

I'm also surprised that they changed their food specifically to suit the tastes of foreigners and none of you called them on that. But either way, good stuff.