Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Smart, Really!

Hi, Readers.

I'm submitting applications to grad schools right now: I want to get into a Korean Studies graduate program, and some of the admissions people might be visiting this blog to see if the blog really is what I say it is...

So from time to time, you'll see this very post on the front page of this blog, in order that any inquisitive readers from the schools where I'm applying can look at some of my more analytical writings.

And if you want to leave a comment under this, and tell them how smrt smart I am, that would be nice, too.

If you are an admissions official from a school where I'm applying, you may look at this "Best of Roboseyo" page to see some of my better, or more interesting posts.  There are links to some of my favorite posts on the right sidebar.

Also, here are a few of the more extended pieces I've written.  While the writing style is not academic, please consider the content.

Social Commentary
Why do Expats in Korea Complain so Much?
Why do Koreans Get so Defensive?
Links to the full Complaining Expats/Defensive Koreans Series with Ask A Korean!
On Ugly English Teachers and Racist Korean Journalists
Freedom of Speech in Korea
On the (Ridiculous) Portrayal of Foreigners in Korean media
Weddings, K-Pop, Korean Food and Purity: Who Owns a Culture?
Seoul City Should Not Be So Sensitive about Lonely Planet's Criticisms
Student Suicide and the College Entrance Exam
Netizen Bullies Intimidating Foreign Bloggers into Closing their Blogs
North Korea

More of my favorite posts:
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holterbarbour said...

I reed roboseyo alot and now Im alot more smarter than i used to was.

Roboseyo said...

Thank to you Holderbarbour for yore smrt wreckomendation.

JIW said...

This one is for real. I truly find Rob to be a great person. He would make a great addition to your student body. Plus he writes insightful posts about Korea and his experience here.

Roboseyo said...

:) thanks, Joy.

C.W. Bush said...

Good luck mate. Will you be heading back to your country of origin? Or studying in Korea?

Unknown said...

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Brian said...

Good luck, Rob!

(Not that you'll need it. If this is a Korean Studies graduate program in Korea, I'm sure you'll find the admission committee loves Kim Yu-na just as much as you.)

Breda said...

I'm also applying to schools--currently buried in essays. Good luck with everything! :)

gwern said...

how culd any1 doubt Roboseyo?!

But seriously, remember: never go into debt for humanities graduate school.

Eugene said...

You're non-Korean citizen and from a mostly white country, and you want to go to a Korean studies program in Korea. You're automatically in if you apply to any of the GSIS programs.

If you're going to study in the Korean language it might be harder for you to get in, but if you go into any of the english language grad schools, (such as those at Yonsei, Korea, or Seoul) you are already in as soon as they get your application.

Be prepared to get your picture taken a lot, sometimes without warning. You'll be placed on totally unrelated pamphlets and other materials advertising the university to show how awesome and international it is, meanwhile hiding all the more numerous Chinese and South Asian students.

Sorry to be so cynical.

-Yonsei GSIS '08

Anonymous said...

I am also interested in applying to schools over here, but I have no idea how to get started... I'm excited to keep reading and hear how you're doing. Also, your blog is amazing and good luck to you!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Dan Says,
I can personally vouch for Rob. When we were kids and used to throw rocks through the windows of our neighbours, Rob would always make a diversionary explosion so that I could get away, since I was a slow runner.

His best friend and former prison roomate, when asked about Rob, always recalls the story about how, whenever Rob was involved in planning a riot, he made sure everyone was included - even dragging them into it if they were about to be released for good behaviour - demonstrating his leadership skills.

He is able to belch louder than anyone I know, and can open a beer bottle with his forehead.

If you work for a university and are reading this, take my word for it - it's in your best interest to not make my brother disappointed! Just ask the first boss that fired him why he's in a wheelchair!

CedarBough said...

if you feel like discussing Korean Studies grad programs, did an MA and I'm now a Ph.D. candidate. That means plenty of time to hear the scuttlebutt etc.

CedarBough said...

And Eugene is wrong, although many students at Yonsei GSIS are quiet about it, they get in as non-degree students and switch to degree after they've proved they can get decent grades. Including one I remember who was taller than me, blonder than me, and prettier than me. Like the poster-child type by Korean standards.

and too lazy to go back up and post, but the guy on the motorcycle is asserting that Dokdo is in fact Korean.

David said...

Accept him.

quirky and smart.

great addition to any graduate school