Sunday, November 28, 2010

Congrats a Bazillion to Zenkimchi Joe!

So Captain Kimchi himself, my buddy Joe, had a baby... well, his wife had a baby, not long ago.

I wanted to send out a huge congratulations to him: I'm sure he's busy as all-get-out right now, but he's been posting pictures of the new baby girl, Ji-an, on Facebook and his website.

He also has an interesting post about Korean post-partum traditions: a pair of old coworkers of mine had a baby while in Korea, and they reported that the pregnancy and childbirth advice they got from their Korean friends was almost exactly the opposite of the advice they got from their phone calls back home.  Their conclusion was that you should do whatever the heck your body tells you to do, as long as you frequently check in with a doctor you trust.

Anyway, if you've had a baby in Korea, head on over to zenkimchi and add a comment to the post where he lists the western and Korean post-natal traditions.

And congratulations again, Joe.


Breda said...

And congrads to you on your Running Man appearance!

Charles Montgomery said...

We all knew she had it in her....

ZenKimchi said...

Thank you Rob! Jian made a special poop just for you :)

Unknown said...

To Zenkimchi Joe, tons of congratulations to you, dude! I just don't realize that pregnancy and giving birth is different in Korea unlike in any other countries. Indeed it is greatly wise to always consult with your doctor just to be certain. Post-partum traditions are indeed somewhat odd in other countries and some are very traditional as well. But hey, being a parent is the most awesome thing that could happen to a person. And lastly, so you did it, you did really appaer on Running Man huh? Awesome!

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The Sanity Inspector said...

Warm congrats indeed.