Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Event: Rubber Soul 2010

Rubber Soul (facebook event page here)

December 4 is World AIDS Day.  Starting at 9PM, in Hongdae, at Ting Tings, Club TA, Club FF and DGBD, you can attend parties at all four spots for a 15000 won cover.  All the cover fees go to Hillcrest AIDS center in South Africa.

You can learn more at the Facebook event page linked above, or at the Rubber Soul Blog, here: http://rubbersoulevents.com.

You should go!

The bands lined up?


9:00 pm OPEN
9:15 pm ARMY (Rock N Roll)
10:00 pm THE PONY (Post Punk)
10:45 pm SEOKYO GROUP-SOUND (Garage Rock Revival)
11:30 pm EV-BOYZ (Rap)
11:45 pm WAGWAK (Inide Folk)
12:30 am SHOTGUN MASCARA (80's Glam Rock Cover Band)
1:10 am DJ Eddie & Dooly's Super-Fun Dance PARTY!!! (Indie Anthems, Rock, Pop, Classic Tunes)

AT ~Ting Tings~
8:00 pm OPEN
8:15 pm APPLE WING (Modern Rock)
9:15 pm EASY BOY (Pop Punk)
10: 15 pm SOTTO GAMBA (Funny Groove)
11:15 pm DEAD ENDS FRIENDS (Rock N Roll)
12:00 am DJ ZB & Jinn's Super-Fun Dance Party (Electro Dance & Chart Music)

11:00 pm OPEN
11:10 pm …WHATEVER THAT MEANS (Melodic Punk)
12:05 am TACOPY (Punk Rock)
1:00 am THE GEEKS (Hardcore)

AT ~Club Ta~
11:00 pm OPEN
11:10 pm ROCK CATS (Rock)
11:55 pm CHIVAS SOUND (Indie)
1:15 am BRICK SLIPPER (Indie)

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Mandi Jeffries said...

So Rubber it is indeed! Rubber as a means of protection that is. AIDS awareness is very essential nowadays especailly for the young people. It is just great to know that so many organization and countries are doing so much to create this awareness. It will be great to know as well if there will be Rubber London or Rubber Paris or Rubber Tokyo or Rubber South Africa.

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