Friday, March 14, 2008

SpringAndStuff...and EVIL DEAD!!!

So yesterday the air quality was butt, with a chance of awful.
But it rained in the evening, effectively rinsing the sky out.
And today was flamb-tastic! The sky was blue, the temperature was mild, and everybody and their pet duck walked around the Chunggye Stream at lunch break.

I like the way the sky, and another building, are reflected in the windows of this building. And look at this! Not only is there an "Evil Dead" musical, but it's coming to SEOUL!

Evil Dead's sequel, Army Of Darkness, is the funniest bad movie I've ever seen, and the first two, Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2, are pretty incredible, themselves -- it's a low-budget horror trilogy with such cheesy special effects and goofy catch-phrase lines it's become a cult classic.
I'm interested to know how the musical turns out. . . but I wonder how they'll do scenes like this:
(warning: bloody. . .but extremely funny. Gotta watch out for those demon-possessed hands.)


SeoulBuffoon said...

Yes i agree...the air quality has improved. But if you ask me...i will tell you the secret. A fat French colleague of mine went back to Beijing yesterday, to meet his girlfriend. I am sure, he carried back all the yellow dust!!!!

Roboseyo said...

That must be it. I just had a series of conversation classes where I asked students if they believe in good luck charms, talismans, and the like.

I figure, it's more fun to believe your fat French friend took the crappy weather with him, than to believe air quality is caused by variables like air pressure and prevailing weather patterns, so heck yeah!

Glad he's back in Beijing!

thanks for stopping by.