Friday, March 07, 2008

Balloons are cool, and Roboseyo's epic brain-farts!

Super Slow Motion is cool, too.

Brainfart 1: Girlfriendoseyo got tickets for us to see Harry Connick Jr. in Seoul on Thursday night. . . but I forgot to find out which Thursday night, so I rescheduled some evening classes and everything yesterday, and asked my lady "Where should we meet to see the show tonight?"
She replied: "Oh, that's NEXT Thursday, not this one."

I felt dumb.

Took the free evening, but I have to make up those classes.

Then, after enjoying my free evening, brain-fart number two:

Yesterday afternoon I took a much-needed nap (because of lost sleep due to a kind of sh*t happens situation I needed to deal with for Girlfriendoseyo). Then I forgot to set my phone's "backup alarm clock" back on my normal morning wakeup time. Then, going to bed, I forgot to set my "Plan A" alarm clock, too. I was woken by my phone ringing at 7:10, one of the school receptionists asked me, "Where are you? Your 7am class is waiting for you."

Big brainfart. I take a fair bit of pride in the job I do, so I felt pretty bad about that.

On the bright side, my students in my OTHER (not angry at me) classes told me I looked very healthy and well-rested this morning!

Don't forget: help this guy out! He might have a medivac back to the US available to him, but he needs to raise funds, fast.

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