Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roboseyo saves the world. . .

I offered a solution for how to save the world earlier on this blog. Here's another. It was tagged on at the end of the previous post. . . but I don't think anybody read it, because I added it a day later.

In the new, global world, here's another thing I would do if I were king of the world:

I'd make an irrevokable law that, for the countries with the 30 largest populations, economies, and militaries in the world, the rest of the world gets to participate in their leaders' elections, with the Restoftheworld vote having a 10% say in the final election results -- 90% nationals, so that the home country gets most of the vote, but in a world where a world leader's decisions touch so many other countries, isn't it fair for the rest of the world to have a say in their leadership, too?

(I'd also cancel all veto powers in the UN: I'd change it so that unanimous minus one were enough to mobilize on security council decisions, so that rather than China vetoing UN action in Burma, unanimous minus one would have been enough to get peace-keepers in there. Same for the US vetoes on oil and Israel/Palestine related-type things.)

Any reactions?

and if you don't care for my world-saving solutions, how about this one:

Turns out, peeing on tourists is a BAD thing. Who knew?


bradj said...

I like the spirit of this, but I couldn't stand to watch a US election campaign turn global. I mean, just how long would that take!?

Roboseyo said...

ooh. yikes.

I'd have to put in laws limiting the ways candidates can present themselves abroad. When I'm king of the world.

maybe the law would say that they can only campaign domestically, but there will be opportunities to meet foreign correspondent reporters from abroad and present themselves to them. and keep careful watch of the reporters to make sure that they're not getting. . . influenced . . . to favour one candidate over another.