Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the photo a day phenomenon

more about gender in Korea. It's weighed on my mind lately. I have a few female students looking for a job these days.

I don't know how I got on this topic, but. . .

this isn't a photo a day, but it's fun to watch -- it's like flipping through a book of norman rockwell paintings.
i think this one's like a celebration.

there's a whole ream of these out there. . . this one's hypnotic.

this one's my favourite: a tribute to Mel, Deb, Caryn, Christie, and Heather: my friends and family are expected to have 400 BABIES this year!

In "The Score", Edward Norton made fun of all the actors who pitch for a best actor nomination (cf. Rain Man, I Am Sam, What's Eating Gilbert Grape) by playing a mentally disabled person, by playing a thief who pretends to be a mentally disabled person, to get into the building he wants to rob. By adding another layer on top of the mannerisms of playing a special needs person, he pointed out the phoniness of the actors playing the trick, and also ended the trend.

(These days, somebody needs to mock the "beautiful female star gets ugly to win best actress oscar" trend (see: Kidman, Nicole; Theron, Charlize, etc.,) in the same way.)

likewise, when this video came out, the "picture of yourself every day" trend was officially over.

(hee hee hee)

(ps: imagine being the guy who decided to do "a picture a day for six years", only to have somebody else do "a picture a day for four years" and put it online a year before you, and steal your thunder. Somewhere, there's a person saying "dammit, I got greedy. Eight years was too long: now I'll just seem behind the times". There's also someone who got five years of pictures swallowed by a crashed hard drive. Poor schmoe.)


bradj said...

I concur. That last 1 pic-per-day video, as they say, owns!

This thought came to mind: "Y-you can't do a pic-a-day video in 4yrs!"

Roboseyo said...


step into my office. . . because YOU'RE FIRED!