Friday, January 18, 2008

Lovely. Just lovely.

from the online comic

have you ever heard someone say "I miss you" with such wordless eloquence?


Julia said...

Hi Rob,
I stumbled on your blog from the "Sorry Christians" group. I lived in Northwest when you were an RA that fate-full year that convinced TWU that boys should no longer live in the pink palace. Anyways, I taught English in Japan, and know how important comments are. I appreciated your 'rant' on over-zealous evangelism. My sister's family hosts korean exchange kids, and she was saying how competitive the churches are there.. a lot of what you were saying. I visited Seoul for 10 days in January two years ago, and was given hot chocolate on the road by a Christian, and appreciated it, but we escaped the pushy experience you've had. All this to say, thanks for writing, and yes, people are reading your blog.

tamie marie said...

I love this drawing. I love that you posted it.

Roboseyo said...

hi julia! thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I didn't know you were in Japan (actually. . . I think your mom mentioned it once). Yeah. I remember the boys in the pink palace. . .but I was too busy fussing about a red-haired girl to notice they were running roughshod.

hope you're really well these days! Take care, and hope to hear from you again over here.

on south korea blogger calls the competition between churches to be the most charitable, "the alms race".

that makes me smile.