Monday, January 21, 2008

download an AMAZING album for free.

Tell everyone you know: the classic nobody's ever heard of is available for free.

The album I like better than Joni Mitchell's Blue, better than Blood on the Tracks or Ziggy Stardust or Odelay, and at least as much as Kid A, Pink Moon, and Tom Waits' Alice, is FREE for download.

If you love music that sometimes makes you go "what the hell?" for a bit before it pulls the veil away and tosses you into a whole new galaxy where gravity tickles, then download "Russian Lullabies" from this site right now. If you know me at all, you know how seriously I take music, so download it simply because I say so. . . and if it doesn't click with you on the first listen, then read again my declaration that this is the only album that has stayed on my top five list continuously since 1999, and one of the only ones that I consistently come back to at least once a month, that might even be my desert island CD (in a collection of over 500, actual or physical), and give it a chance to grow on you. I've purchased this album about five or seven times, as gifts or to replace lost copies, and now it's out of print, so the artist made it available for free!

Havalina Rail Co. isn't for everybody -- I'll grant you that -- but this one creates a space of its own, and becomes a part of you, if you let it.

(Especially you, Tamie. Tell all your friends.)

(dont let the cover mislead you: it's english)


tamie marie said...

Rob...I am downloading it at this very moment. To clarify--it's "Russian Lullabies" that you like so much, not "We Remember Anarchy"? Thanks for the recommendation...

Roboseyo said...

That's right, Tamie. "We Remember Anarchy" is good, but "Russian Lullabies" is brilliant.

tamie marie said...

I've put it on a CD and it's in my car right now. Since I have a long drive on Friday it will get plenty of play time in the near future!