Sunday, 2 May 2010

Inwang Mountain and JjimDalk: Awesome Day

Given such fantastic weather, Girlfriendoseyo, Mom-in-law-oseyo, and I climbed Inwang-san, or Inwang Mountain, this Saturday.
The mountain was in fine form, with cherry blossoms and magnolias still in bloom.
The tree cover had pink peeking through.
The air was clear enough to see from Inwang Mountain, all the way to the 63 Building on Yeouido.
Girlfriendoseyo playing with her dog.  Cherry blossoms through the opening in the wood grove.
Mother-in-law-oseyo loves the mountain.

After a good climb on the mountain, we had a special treat in store: Andong JjimDalk.  Andong JjimDalk is so good, that it's just not worth eating it anywhere except in Andong... but Girlfriendoseyo heard that some of the JjimDalk restaurants in Andong will actually deliver their recipes to you in Seoul, if you order them a few days ahead of time.  Girlfriendoseyo did exactly that.  We'd been planning a jjimdalk party sometime, but before we ordered it to eat with a bunch of friends, we wanted to try it, and make sure it was the same stuff on deliveray, as it was in Andong.  After climbing the mountain, Mother-In-Law-oseyo warmed up the recipe that had been delivered, and readers... it was almost as good as making the trip to Andong.

A bit closer:
And this, readers, is a picture of a full, and happy Roboseyo.
Bravo my life!

And then, on the way home, I saw something amazing: on the subway, this old lady got on the subway, and fell into the most amazing kimchi squat I've ever seen. She curled into a tiny ball on her heels, fell just about asleep, and no matter which way the train pitched, rolled, accelerated, and decelerated, she stayed put. I've never seen a kimchi squat so stable. People were getting on and off near her, and bumping her, and she was unperturbed. Impressive.


Charles Montgomery said...


How did we miss you? Yvonne and I hiked that as well! Did the Zen temple first, and then down the other side.... ended up by Muakje Station on the Mountain across the main road, and then eating at a totally cool restaurant over there..

San said...


Wats a Kimchi squat?

Roboseyo said... this is a kimchi squat.

The Seoul Searcher said...

Why do you call it a kimchi squat? What does it have to do with kimchi?
Vietnamese and Chinese do it too, so it's not specifically a Korean thing.

San said...

Indians do it too!! :-) not always!

Roboseyo said...

It's not exclusive to Korea, but that's what I've heard it called, and I've seen it used by a lot of old ladies making or selling kimchi.

Lee Farrand said...

It's possible that the halmoni was actually wearing a giant nappy.