Friday, May 14, 2010

Random thoughts:

1. Instead of rating movies with stars, I think the new rating for a movies' quality should be:

Watch it in the cinema, then buy the DVD and watch all the special features.
Watch it in the cinema twice. Tell your friends about it.
Watch it in the cinema.
Download it and watch it fullscreen.
Download it and watch it while doing other stuff.
Download it and skip to the action/nude scenes.
Avoid it.
Watch it ironically so you can rip it in front of your friends later.
Watch it ironically, but be too embarrassed to talk about it later.

2. (My facebook friends will recognize this)

Little words count for a lot: a student dropped the 'with' and told me,
"Yesterday I ate out my wife at a restaurant."

3. I look dazzling in a suit. (last weekend, instead of 2S2, here's what I was up to)




This Is Me Posting said...

That dropped "with" happens VERY often with my students. Its always a little awkward when they ask, after I correct them, why they can't just say it without the "with".

"Why? Why 'with'? Same meaning, no?"

"Uh... no... not same meaning at all..."

Also, looking pretty sharp there, Mr. Bond.

Brian said...

Looking good there, Rob.

Did they have anything your size in "shiny"?

Deb said...

You look pretty snazzy my brother! It's not purple - but it'll do!
Which did you end up choosing?

Lee Farrand said...

Uh oh! Now there's two bloggers who look dazzling in a suit. I don't know if the internet is big enough for both of your egos ^^

JIW said...

I like the white bowtie.

Charles Montgomery said...


You DO look dazzling in a suit!

Roboseyo said...

Thanks, everyone.

Lee: I'll try not to let it go to my head...

but...the internet isn't big enough for two such egos? What do you mean? The entire internet is MADE of egos, just as much as it's made with ones and zeros. Without egos, the internet would still be guys in labcoats playing pong with their computers.

Lee Farrand said...

Oh I was referring to Mr Wonderful's frequent self-references to his suited dazzlingness. Perhaps I should have said the K-blogging world isn't big enough for the both of you. Twas but a joke

Labcoats and Pong? Man, you are getting me excited...

Chris in South Korea said...

007 called, he wants his suit back.

Like the movie rating system, although people are too familiar with stars to change. Perhaps 1 star could be 'don't bother downloading it', 3 stars could be 'download it and watch it once', and 5 stars could be 'watch it in theaters, buy the DVD's, wait in line for the sequel'...