Thursday, May 13, 2010

Large and Tall T-shirts: General Request

Hey there.  I have a few friends who are taller and/or larger than the average Korean, who need to buy a few new t-shirts for the summer.

So... especially these days, when there are more big and tall Koreans than ever before, there MUST be more big and tall shops where Korean folks can get the big and tall sizes they increasingly need...

Where are they?  Can any of my bigger-than-the-average-Korean readers - particularly the females - recommend a place where my friend could either buy, or have made, some summer wear?  She's looking either for a tailor where they actually know how to fit larger women (not just slapping an elastic waistband on a tent with feet holes), or a shop where they have sizes for her.  She's also a bit tired of digging around the big-and-large shops along "wanna buy a suit" street in Itaewon, where she's been all through the wringer with bad experiences.

So... help me out here, folks.  Directions are good, links to google maps are better, links to websites for shops and even online stores help, too.

I know someone will come through for me on this one.  My coworker is waiting on it.



Chris in South Korea said...

Sorry to be so vague, but I know I've seen larger clothes around the Dongdaemun / Namdaemun areas. Presuming she's looked around, asking around in Korean might help.

X said...

There is/was a really nice plus-size women's clothing store called "OKBT" in Itaewon. I know it's on the same side of the road as the Hamilton Hotel, down towards the North Face Shop on the second floor - keep an eye out or ask someone. Otherwise, s/he could try the English Gmarket site; as soon as I open the page it flashes *BIG SIZE* at me.

Stafford said... - 10 tshirts for $50 plus postage.
I sport a number of their T's during the summer
Verification word - "Seatru" as in I don't have the body for seatru t-shirts

X said...

I know you said not Itaewon, but I would really recommend that place. Also, these days, a lot of sellers at Dongdaemun advertise sizes over 100 Korean. The average Korean is about a 55 (2-4 US).
You'd have to look around though.

JIW said...

I can imagine what this person is looking for and how hard it must be to find it. Considering that even the clothes in my size at the Korean shops here in Korea still don't fit me well, and don't last long.

My advice...use the internet. Has she tried Gmarket or other sites? My bet is that the larger sized women of Korea use those sights since they are discreet and probably easier than traveling to the only place that would supply it.

Next step is to shop internationally via the web. I heard that if you know someone with an Army Base mailing address that shipping is just the same as if it were mailed in the US. So I guess make a friend who knows someone on base. Otherwise buy some cheap yet reliable brand clothing from an outside source and have it shipped.

I do recall seeing a large size clothing section in DOOTA on one of the floors a year ago.

As for swimwear I really am going to bet that they are going to have to buy abroad.

And finally check out places like Lotte Mart or Emart...sometimes their clothing section includes large sizes.


Unknown said...

Question: would they be willing to wear Eatyourkimchi shirts? If so, I can have some made for them...

Anonymous said...

Big clothes store (큰옷) in Suwon. It seems to be aimed at women. Haven't been there in a while (lived across the road 1 year ago) so can't guarantee it's still there.


1. Leave Suwon station by the main gate.

2. Turn right and walk up the pedestrian overbridge in front of the Angel In Us Cafe just past the 1st floor Aekyoung Department Store (AK Plaza) entrance.

3. Cross the bridge and take the stairs down on the left side.

4. Follow the road around the big intersection (lots of buses everywhere and some construction - new subway line) and walk down the main street lined with Ginkgo trees.

5. Walk down the road. You'll cross once where a small street joins the main one and then pass an Alpha stationery shop. Cross at thefirst set of lights. There will be a convenience store on the opposite corner to your left, a KT&G building diagonally opposite, and a seafood restaurant directly opposite ahead of you.

6. Keep going past the S-Oil (I think - it's a yellow LPG station with lots of taxis), and Domino's, and it's not far along the road.

7. If you reach the small supermarket, called Good Morning Mart (굿모닝마트) and you don't see it, then I'm afraid it's gone.

8. If you get to a large intersection with a tyre shop and pet grooming store opposite you to the front, and the tax office over the road to your left, you've gone way too far.

9. Remember, you'll be on the right side of the street (from your point of view) all the way from the pedestrian bridge in front of Suwon station.

10. The whole walk (from the station) should take about 15 minutes or less... depending on walking speed.

Hope that helps. And sorry if Suwon is a bit far to go on the off chance you'll find the store useful.


Unknown said...

There's a store in Hongdae down an alley by the Gmart near Cock & Shooters that has clothes from Australia and South Africa, all in western sizes.

As it's all Aussie and Saffer, it's mainly surfing-related, t-shirts, shorts, sandals etc, but as summer is coming up that should be perfect. I bought two t-shirts from there a couple of months ago but for the life of me can't recall the prices, I think they were reasonable though but not cheap. Quality is top-notch though.

Sarah said...

There is a "big size" section on gmarket, and the vendors there sell clothes from sizes 66-100 or higher. Heck, I'm not even overweight and I have to shop the big size section, so I can't imagine what a very tall/big person must go through here to find clothes!
Dongdaemun, too, as someone mentioned, is another place. I know that some of the department stores like Migliore and Doota carry many different sizes of clothes, as well as the wholesale malls behind the old stadium. My friend was able to buy a nice suit and blouse in 88 size.