Friday, May 14, 2010

Opportunity to see the 4 Rivers Project in Person

Got this message earlier this week, than punted on posting it. Sorry. If it's not too late, here's a chance to go see the 4 Rivers Restoration Project - President Lee's hotly contested big project - in person.

To get an idea of what the 4 Rivers Project seems to be doing to the river ecosystems, look at this, from nanoomi.  (photo from link)

Here's the message I got from a contact:
Want to see what is happening to the rivers under the 4 River Restoration Project? Them come walk along the South Han River on May 15, 2010. This trip is brought to you by the Eco Horizon Institute of Korea. Don't miss the chance to get the tour in English!!!!!

Program: Walking along NamHanGang road, visiting Yeoju 4 river project construction sites, talking with SuGyeong Buddhist Monk
Who: Foreigners interested in learning about the 4 River Restoration Project
Cost: 20,000 won (have to wear comfortable shoes for a walk)

9:30 Meeting at Gangbyun station exit 2, in front of Techno Mart
Get on a eco tour bus
11:30 Arrive at Yeoju
1130-130 Walking along 바위늪구비 BaweeNeupGubi
1:30-2:30 Lunch
2:30-4 Walking along DatDunRi - Sunrising mountain road
4-4:30 Gangcheobo(catch basin)-Construction site visit
4:30-5:30 생명평화여강마당 (신륵사) Visit Life Peace Garden at SinReuksa Temple
5:30-7 수경스님과의 대화 Discussion with SuGyeong Buddhist Monk
7-Departing for Seoul

RSVP: Vanessa Falco, 010-4694-4720


Unknown said...

I'm gonna say the same thing I've said before...

Going on this tour to get an explanation of the 4 rivers project would be like getting an explanation of Obamacare from a birther.

This tour is an attempt to indoctrinate you with an anti-government message. The Buddhist society and the environMentalists (running this tour) are strongly against this plan and the current government. These rivers were not the shining light of ecological beauty (despite carefully selected propaganda pictures) before this project started and nor will they be during or after it’s finished. This project is simply about cleaning up the waterways. I’m not discouraging anyone from taking the tour, just be aware of the situation and that things you will be told are not necessarily correct. This is just an opportunity for the people involved to get the English speaking community on the anti-government bandwagon.

Chris in South Korea said...

While I don't claim to know the history of the rivers, I can tell you it does take away something of the peacefulness. I was down in Yeoju last night and stopped by the temple in question; a few signs were up protesting the project, along with plenty of other displays emphasizing the animals. Fair enough - makes sense for Buddhists to be so concerned with saving animals / sentient beings and such.

Regarding jumping on the 'anti-government bandwagon', exactly what influence is possible? Foreigners can't vote, have no form of political influence, and if you've convinced a Korean to change their mind on something significant, it would be one of only a few stories I've heard. Go for the information - and do your homework before you go.

Bonnie said...

"This project is simply about cleaning up the waterways." (??) No, this project is simply about construction money.

Unknown said...

oh wow just wanted to ask. is this the same place? I really like this song and was just wondering when I saw those pics