Thursday, 19 November 2009

Memo to Korea:


Add a fifth slice to the pie: "I live in Korea" Korea's internet follies have been well and extensively documented. The latest train wreck was ifriendly, a miscalculation so badly botched the Korean Government might just want to give up, take its toys, go home, and start its OWN internet. But I just wanted to throw that graphic into the mix.

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Korean Rum Diary said...

There was an incredibly racist (nationalistic?) article in a PC magazine a few weeks ago by some American asshole who was saying we shouldn't allow other alphabets to be used in URLs. His 'argument' was that, for example, if the Japanese were clever enough to invent the internet, they wouldn't share it with us...

Retarded logic.

(Sorry, when you said 'their own internet' it made me think of that.)