Friday, 8 May 2009

Tell me how much I rock...

I showed Fatman Seoul and a few others' a nice little Ddeokbokki place Toppoki poktokpi place on Wednesday, and Fatman Seoul was kind enough to write it up. Go read it here.

I rule.

I also got what amounts to a shopping list from Robyn, a food blogger from New York (The Girl Who Ate Everything), and made her a map on Google Maps of all the places you can find the different foods she wanted to try in downtown Seoul. She's free to share it with anyone she likes, and I'm going to share it with you.

Go forth. Enjoy. Some of these are repeats from the food map I gave Brian earlier, and shared on this site in January. Some of them are new.

View Robyn's Food List in a larger map


holterbarbour said...

The "Macaroons" place is Wood and Brick. Baked goods are nice there, and they have a middling-to-decent selection of cheeses in the fridge.

Rebecca said...

Hi Rob!
A friend of mine recommended the Taj Mahal restaurant in Itaewon (I hope I got that right, or at least close enough). Have you tried it? If not, let me know I'll get directions.