Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Help a mother out.

On Ireport, where people can submit their own articles on CNN's webpage, Stephannie White, the mother of Mike White, the teen-aged boy mysteriously killed in a Daegu sauna last year, has written an article about her struggle to plow through all the obstructions and foot-dragging, and get justice for her son. Link it, send it to your friends, blog it, digg it, tell people about it. If it stays at the top of the "most read" articles, it might be featured on CNN's Mother's Day program. Raising awareness and putting the story into the international press might be the thing that lights the fire under the judges and lawmakers involved in the case (given how sensitive Korea is to negative international press coverage) to get this thing resolved, and get some desperately-needed answers.

Hang in there, Stephannie.

Learn more about Mike White's death, other foreigner's deaths, and how you can help Stephannie White in her search for justice, at her website, Mightie Mike. Brian in Jeollanamdo's done a really good job of keeping on top of developments in that case.

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