Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Got my Korean Drivers' License.

But no, I'm not posting a scan of it on my blog. Personal info, you know.

However, if you want to know how easy it is for foreigners to get a Korean Driver's License these days in Korea, you should go check out the step-by-step breakdown I wrote at The Hub Of Sparkle.


Otto Silver said...

Is this a licence that must be renewed every year or a full on propper last for 5 year gard thingy?

I tried t get it but of the five places I asked (internet, two police stations, Yeonging Traffic, Gangnam Traffic), I got five answers. One even said I had to do ten hours of driving lessons!

Roboseyo said...

nosireebob, this one expires in 2018.


the full breakdown is after the link, but it was easy as pie for me. Nothing but an eye test.

The Clam said...

So, you have to surrender your home nations license and they claim to give it back to you, but do you trust that?

Roboseyo said...

1. they returned my friend's, no questions asked, when he was going back to Canada on vacation

2. if you're leaving the country anyway, why wouldn't they? As long as you're not turning it over to your hogwan boss, they'd have no reason to hold it as leverage over you.

3. it's a driver's license, not a passport: easy enough to report as lost, and replace.


Nathan said...

I also had to take a 20 question written test. You only needed a 60% to pass, so easy enough...even though some questions baffled me (such as what is the maximum fine for drunk driving). I had to give up my American license, but was told I would be given it back when leaving Korea. Mine's good until 2018 too!