Monday, 22 December 2008

Shoot down that myth.

So, uh, next time somebody tells you Korea is a conservative society, ask them to explain this slideshow.

More here.

Oh sure, the issue isn't as simple and cut-and-dried as that.. read here for The Korean's thoughts on paradoxical sexual mores in Korea, and here for his thoughts on the (at least formerly) deeply closeted homosexual scene in Korea.


Stafford said...
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Stafford said...

Easily explained: Obviously this is a very unique situation that we, as foreigners, must try to understand, Just like Korea's 4 distinct seasons!!!

Unknown said...

You have to be kidding!

Not until most women make any amount of money for real work (i.e., not getting coffee, or typing) a percentage point closer to equal than it is now can anyone even consider ROK first world.

JIW said...

I feel that the pictures are more about sexual appeal and body image. Using sex appeal in advertising has to be common in a capitalist society, and Korea has that going for it. Korea is still rooted in conservativism.

Anonymous said...

I've written a blog post inspired by this article. Thanks!