Monday, May 07, 2012

So why has posting been so sparse, Roboseyo? A SURVEY!

Hi, readers.

This is the first of a handful of surveys I’ll be running for research papers this semester.

If you’ve been wondering why my blog has been light on posting lately, this is part of it.

We’re studying Korean identity and multiculturalism, and looking for responses from people who have Korean ethnic background (a little or a lot), who have lived overseas, who were born overseas, who were adopted overseas… and who then had the experience of returning to Korea.

If that includes you, please do the survey! If it doesn’t, share it, and hang on: there’ll be more coming.


Roboseyo said...

How will you verify that your surveys are accurate and filled out truthfully?

Will you discard, say, the top and bottom 10 percents and focus mainly on the more reliable middle?

Roboseyo said...

If we get enough responses to focus more on the quantitative questions than the qualitative data, we'll be thrilled to have to crunch numbers. If not, we'll focus more on the written responses... so far we've had about 20 responses, so if you want to force me to learn math, you'll have to help me get this survey in front of eyeballs that can contribute to the data.

Roboseyo said...

Um, usually anthropologists and sociologists take it on good faith that unless somebody is obviously pulling a prank, you accept their answers.  You don't artificially constrain people's answers by assuming that only the middle is reliable or important.

Roboseyo said...

My experience comes from working in television/advertising.   We see tons of people who purposely try and skew the data in order to make more money by making it into the smaller, physical focus group tests that take place after we do the large, dial group tests as they watch either the TV programs or groups of commercial advertisements we are testing in theater-like settings (sometimes even actual theaters in smaller cities). 

Obviously, we can't take the bottom 10% (haters) or the top 20% (lovers) as their comments won't help improve the product (and there is also the fine balance of not driving away the core audience with what we are being told are improvements by these surveys).  And, after being in the biz as long as I have, I've become so cynical and jaded that I fill out all surveys as a 95-100 year-old, rap-listening, reality TV-watching, female, especially since it seems once can't escape all those annoying pop-up ones all over the Web.