Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Google Glasses parody...

So we're still taking responses on the survey - if you are a Korean overseas adoptee, a multiracial Korean, a second or third (or whatever) generation Korea, or a Korean who lived overseas for a long time, and have come back to Korea, please do fill it out!

Korea Bang is a new blog I found, which I like quite a bit - they do translation of stuff that's popular on the Korean internets, and most interestingly, they translate netizen comments as well. Give it a look.

From them, I saw this Google Glasses ad, 

and then its Korean parody -- taking some digs at ActiveX and popup ads.

(Other countries have come up with other google glasses parodies as well)
This one is very funny... but has potty mouth.

It reminded me of this parody from Scotland about problems with SIRI's voice recognition. Potty mouth.

There's been a bunch of posting on Tumblr lately that's gotten quite harsh... and I'll talk at some point about arguing, racebaiting, and privilege on the internet... but I'll certainly wait until things have cooled down a bit first.


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Roboseyo said...

I laughed a lot at the "Goggle" one. 

Roboseyo said...

What do you think? Do you want a pair of these Google Project glasses? Would you go to the difficulties of wearing contact lenses with pixels in them?