Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get Excited about This: Korean Movies on Youtube

The Korean Film Archive has done us a serious, serious solid:

In the same way Gold Korea Vinyl is bringing us classic Korean music from the vinyl archives,  (a project for which I am very grateful, along with their work as SuperColorSuper), now we have an amazing resource available for free on Youtube.

Ever wondered about Korean film before Oldboy? The Korean FIlm Archive has just put SEVENTY - that's right, SEVENTY classic Korean films on Youtube for free, with English subtitles to boot.

Modern Korean Cinema has a title list.

Here's the page so far.

They also have sets for some of Korea's most important filmmakers and eras.

To read reviews on many of these films, and hear more about the history of Korean cinema, and perhaps guess which films might be next on the list, is another awesome resource worth a visit, and Paul Ajosshi has some suggestions for other places to track down classic Korean cinema.

So... enjoy those films, and I'll see you back here in a month.

Oh yeah... and in case you think the list is too south-centric, here's part one of Pulgasari, North Korea's giant monster-in-a-rubber-suit epic.

and subsequent parts are linked.

And if that's not enough North Korean film for you, here's's "Five Craziest Children's Cartoons From North Korea (that they could find online)"


Roboseyo said...

This made my day. Movie night tonight!!

Roboseyo said...

아싸!! It's a good thing the staff room is empty right now, cos I actually whooped out loud when I read this!!

Roboseyo said...

This is a great resource.  Thanks for the linkie.

Roboseyo said...

NOOOO It won't let me play it on iPad!  It says "playback has been disabled on mobile devices."  NO NO NO!!!!!

Roboseyo said...

Not sure if it's legal or not, but 
태극기 is available on YouTube in its full glory.