Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why the North Korean rocket launch failed.

With apologies to Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who"

 Kim Jong-eun's intelligence agency is now hunting for the one citizen who was not cheering the missile on.

A very small, very small shirker named Jo-Jo
Was standing, just standing, and bouncing a Yo-Yo!
Not making a sound! Not a yipp! Not a chirp!
North Korean Intelligence grabbed the small twerp

"This," cried the chief, "is the leader's dark hour!
The rocket named Eun-ha took off from the tower
If the children of Kim Il-sung don't raise a cheer,
That rocket will crash in the ocean we fear...

If the launch is a fail there will be consequences
All your uncles and brothers will live inside fences
To the prison camp with you and three generations
Of family, for causing our humiliation!"

(image source)

And so little Jo-jo joined in with the praise
In the hope with his voice, greater ruckus be raised
That the satellite (or so-called) Eun-ha take flight
And escape from earth's gravity to orbit that night

But the rocket splashed down somewhere out in the sea:
Rockets don't fly by cheering, but technology!

They didn't clap loudly enough.


Roboseyo said...

Uhh rocket science is hard. 

Roboseyo said...

Yeah. I know it's hard. But the KNCA told me North Korea's rocket scientists are the best in the world, so THAT can't be the problem.

Roboseyo said...

I'm sure you've seen this. But just for the heck of it. 

Roboseyo said...

I actually hadn't seen that before. Brilliant.