Saturday, April 07, 2012

Here is a baby. And some hard questions.

Here is a baby to entertain you until I have time/passion/bile to write up another full length post.

Among the things on my mind:

How does one distinguish a discourse from a national narrative (for example: the developmental discourse in Korea, and the national narrative of the Korean success story).

Is it possible for Lee Myung-Bak's attempts to "brand" Korea and position Korea as a "world leader" to be any less in step with the idea of "soft power" as theorized by Joseph Nye?

How much can op-ed columns in major Korean newspapers be taken as representative of/trusted to reliably frame major national discourses on various?

Why doesn't every news publisher have easily searchable archives?

And one more time: Baby:


Roboseyo said...

ohhhhh sooooo cuuuuuuute  =)  MISS YOU!  I saw the Auxiers yesterday, reminded me of good times, and you.  (((hug)))

Roboseyo said...

"Why doesn't every news publisher have easily searchable archives?"

Having worked in digital archiving in a previous life, it's simple -- it's freaking expensive to do it well.

Roboseyo said...

You have to ask: Do op-eds (often guided from on high, though much less than in the past) reflect or affect national sentiment? Do they follow or do they form? 

Or both?

Roboseyo said...

Oh my goodness! Babyseyo is such a cutie. I can't wait to experience the laughter stage for myself!!

Roboseyo said...

Jian liked the baby. She is also frustrated that she can't search archives.

Roboseyo said...

At Naver, you can search by newspaper going all the way back to the 1910s I think. It's a great resource.