Wednesday, April 11, 2012

JFNK, KUMFA: Two Worthy Causes

I've received emails from a couple of cool people I know, who have asked me to share the news about a couple of worthy causes which I believe in:

Justice For North Korea is a group that raises awareness of the North Korea human rights crisis. They have weekly meetings, and they also have events where people can help out with planning and organization... or where they might be interested in showcasing your talents, if you're an artist, a musician, or some other kind of performer. If you've been looking for a stage for your contortionist juggling act (or your band) it might be worth looking into this.

You can reach them, and learn more, through their Facebook Page:

As any longtime reader knows, I care a lot about womens' issues in South Korea, and in that vein, Korean Unwed Mothers' Family Association is having an event on April 27, in Hongdae. If you frequent Hongdae on the weekend anyway, think about adding this to the itinerary, and dropping the price of a few long island ice teas on some people who could use it more than you could use a bad hangover.

Again, find out more about it at the Facebook event, and mark it in your calendar.

Expect posting at Blogoseyo to be light, as presentation and midterm season is coming up at school, and then term papers.

And if you can... vote. It's election day in Korea, and a lot of Koreans went to jail or died in the late 70s and 80s so you could.


Roboseyo said...

I performed at an event called CLASH a couple months ago. It was organized for KUMFA. Big success. 

Roboseyo said...

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