Saturday, December 03, 2011

Two Quick Bits: Crazy Tow Truck and Othering

This video of a towtruck driver trying to be the first to the accident site (and thereby winning the tow) is pretty shocking. It's making the rounds right now.

THe thing that bugs me most about it is the illegal siren: I've seen REAL ambulances caught in a snare of cars that won't pull over, because so many tow trucks and veterinarian hospital house visit vans have illegal sirens on them, that nobody trusts a siren to actually indicate a pull-over-worthy emergency...and that puts people in danger.

The Three Wise Monkeys, who have been putting out good stuff lately, has a really interesting article about "otherness" -- a topic I've been thinking about lately, and plan to write about soon.

Go read it.


Erik said...

I think the most civil term I could use to describe this tow truck driver is motherf***er.

Charles said...

Capitalism at its brutal core. I'm sure that Milton Friedman and Niccolo Machiavelli would be proud.

ndog said...

i take back any comments that koreans cant drive! bloody amazing! Although using a siren is pretty bad