Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Little More Kim JongIlia

a funny Chinese commercial that riffs on Kim Jong-il/North Korea's totalitarian state and mass games:

One of the most important Korea blog posts out there:
"How to Disarm Kim Jong-Il (Kim Jong-eun too, I suppose) Without Bombing Him"

also: more about information leaking out of North Korea


Anonymous said...

All of the links here, including the vid are, like, really old. Really, really old ...

There is more than one point of view about North Korea, and one of those is that is a lot - a LOT - that we just don't know about what goes on up there. People who claim to know, and claim to have a plan, are usually people with an agenda, and axe to grind.

The major quandary with has never been addressed - I don't think it CAN be - is that every attempt at economic sanctions that will have even the slightest effect on making life harder for the ruling elite will inevitably create untold misery for the very people we all sincerely believe we want to help, which is the average North Korean citizen on the ground who is suffering from the actions of this heinous regime.

The only item in 1FK's list that makes sense to me is No.6, which is going after China. As long as Beijing is sending rice that ends up in the mouths of the army("Army first!") and the party officials, very little else will matter up there.

Roboseyo said...

I know they're old. maybe I should have mentioned it in the post, though. sorry if you felt misled.

I agree -- the crappiest thing about dealing with North Korea is that the elites there have no qualms whatsoever about robbing from the poor to keep themselves insulated.

And yes, as long as China has North Korea's back, nothing real will change. Unfortunately, it suits China just fine to have North Korea in the East Asian theater, distracting the rest of the world from China's own record of political prisoners, and suppression of free speech, by having a far far worse record for all those things.

The Sanity Inspector said...

North Korea is China's cat's paw. A way to make trouble for the West on the cheap, with a degree of deniability.

Roboseyo said...

Hi Rob,

Aren't you of Dutch descent, as your name is 'Ouwehand'? This is a Dutch commercial. And a freakin' hilarious one too!