Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seoul Sidewalks: Two Great Videos

Got a few bigger, more interesting posts coming down the line... and when I can find other people to hold the baby, I'll finish them... till then, two great videos about the pedestrian experience:

One of these is a little old: "Defensive Walking in Seoul" is a hoot, though, and worth re-watching.

This one I just saw today, on a facebook friend's status: a great way to deal with slow walkers. It's a Japanese video, but I bet it'd work here, too.

The needed tool can be found for 6-10000 won.


fatim308 said...

Nice Work!! Love it!! Hahaha ^_^

JIW said...

Bell idea wouldn't work here. I've seen people slow down more for hearing that and almost freeze.

Roboseyo said...

I've ridden around Seoul's roads and even sidewalks on a bike, Joy, and except for about one dumbarse in every two or three hundred people, most DO make way on hearing a bike bell.