Friday, May 06, 2011

Steve Earle... Seriously?

I like lots of music that my snobby friends consider "cool" and I am well capable of dropping the right band names to establish my "cred" (whatever that's worth), and I totally liked Sixpence None The Richer back when they were underground.

But sometimes I'm also a sentimental old crow, and buddy, you've got a heart of stone if this song doesn't turn you into butter. It's about the only Steve Earle song I like, but I sure like it.  It's also one of the better melodies I've come across: there are tons of songs that are great, but absolutely unhummable, because the music's awesome, but the melody... isn't. (In Mumford & Sons' defense... MELODY!) And other songs are nice, but the melody's so repetitive that it'd boring to hum. (coughPianoMancough)

Anyway: a lovely melody, and heartbreaking lyrics: get goopy with me.  Steve Earle, Goodbye.


feld_dog said...

You call liking Sixpence None The Richer evidence of your hipster credibility, and Steve Earle a goopy, cheesy guilty pleasure? Wow. I'm afraid you've got that reversed, my friend.

Roboseyo said...

hmm. I thought all my readers pick up on the irony of dropping the name of Sixpence None The Richer...

but you have to acknowledge that 1. Country music is the goopiest genre (though to be fair, Steve Earle is alt-country, which is hardly even the same genre), and 2. this might be steve earle's goopiest song. For the rest, I'm cool with alt-country - Neko Case was near the top of my most-played artists last summer.