Saturday, May 07, 2011

MinJeong Kwak (민정곽) at KCC Switzen All That Skate (Yuna was there too)

Last night I saw Kim Yuna at the KCC Switzen "All That Skate" Ice Show.  Wifeoseyo somehow scored tickets, and it as a seriously awesome show.

I'll put up more video when I have time to post it -- I didn't get everything, because readers, I love you all, but there are times when I'd rather focus on experiencing something, than focus on recording the experience in order to share it with you.  

However, a pleasant surprise, for me, were the performances of the two other Korean skaters at the show: Hae jin Kim  is a young up-and-comer who was quite good at using her movements to tell a story - she was cute as anything - and Minjeong Kwak 민정곽 has the chops, folks.  She, too, is very expressive, and really fired the crowd up with her charisma.

She was also at the center of two of the best moments of spontaneous fun: 1. after her show, her interaction with the cameraman on skates was the beginning of a kind of a running gag where skaters had different interactions with him - avoiding him or turning their back on him, or skating in the opposite direction, etc., each time drawing a laugh from the crowd.

2. After taking her bows, she headed for the offstage exit... at the wrong end of the ice.  Cracked herself, and the audience up.  So... she's cute.  In that "tell me about your cute niece" way.  Really cute.


jk_ready said...

Awesome that you had a chance to watch the ATS show! (and Yuna's sizzling 102F Fever in it)

A Deal Or No Deal said...

I once criss-crossed Chicago to see the Chicago Marathon (think of it as one of running's grand slams). I saw the men running buy at mile 12, looking effortless even though it was about 30 degrees at 9 am. I got a few pictures, but then I realized that I didn't actually remember seeing anyone running.

As nice as the pictures are, I think it's better to be able to say that you saw it.

조안나 said...

caught some of this on TV tonight. What a fun show! We were trying to figure out if it was in Korea or not, I guess it was!