Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Women's Safety: a close call and a reminder.

I'm No Picasso, a sweet K-blog that's been attracting attention lately, had a creepy/scary incident where she got followed by some weird guy a few nights ago. You should read it, especially if you're a woman living alone in Korea. "Girls, Be Careful"

This also seems like a good time to remind everybody of ALTAWATSAC's post from last year, discussing, and giving some tips, regarding women's safety in Korea.

Horrific things have happened before, and the simple fact that some of us look different from the general populace tends to attract the attention of loonies, and we'd best be mindful of that.


Brian said...

It's not something only women should be aware of, because as you say we all can attract the wrong kind of attention. Women need to be aware of the sorts of stereotypes and images that exist here of white women, and what expectations that can lead to.

조안나 said...

I've known several people to have been followed... day or night. Fortunately, nothing bad happened, but you never know.

I also had a drunk ajoshi walk into my apartment cuz I was careless enough not to lock the door. Again, nothing happened, but I wasn't alone, fortunately.

Anonymous said...

I would have said I felt about as safe here as I did back in Canada, but in the past month I've been followed home twice, both times by older men who figured I'd let them into my apartment (one tried to pout and guilt trip me for telling him to leave. Right.). Both times, it was early evening and I was still in teacher clothing... my male coteacher said it was terrible but offered no advice; my female coteachers told me I ought to carry a knife and/or mace. One suggested that this neighbourhood is dangerous; I've been planning to move anyway, but this cemented it.
Probably what freaked me out the most was that people passing by saw me cornered by this guy, clearly upset, and just kept walking. I had hoped that the kindness people usually show towards me would translate into helping me out of genuinely dangerous situations, but I guess at that point, waygook is left to sink or swim on her own.

X said...

링크 해주셔서 감사합니다.

My blog has never known such popularity.

Ol' Gal may blow a gasket.