Friday, April 02, 2010

The TED Talk that Would Change Korea

I wrote in my "Five things I'd Change" post about something similar to this concept, back when nobody read my blog, but I'd like to share this one with you. Everybody, seriously, everybody should see this one.

Plus, my dear Korean readers: you can ever read it with Korean subtitles on the bottom! I learned a ton in this talk. Watch it. Seriously: watch it. Tell everyone you know!

I believe it was Jason from Kimchi Ice Cream that first put this on his facebook wall. Thanks, man.


Jason said...

Hi Rob,

I just re-watched that cause you posted it--it's def a good one!

Have you seen this?

This is another one about changing the world--though in a VERY unconventional way.

I loved it!

What do you think?

ggko said...

oh i love this - i am going to use it at work... dump it on the big guys.... but how will we get them to BELEIVE it??

surprises aplenty said...

I have Pink's book on my bookshelf right now. The video is good, and a good idea for Korea.

stacey said...

Thanks for sharing this video. I learned a lot!