Monday, August 10, 2009

Idle Thought:

Isn't the book 1000 Places to See before you die a kind of cruel trick? I mean, how many people in the whole durn world would have enough free time and coin to see all 1000? Any number larger than 100 and it starts seeming a bit overwhelming, doesn't it? I've always thought 7 was a good, concise number: 7 wonders of the world are about right.

In a similar vein, I've always fantasized about writing a satirical book titled "72 Tips to Unclutter Your Mind"

In other news, last week I was walking around between Euljiro and Chungmuro, and saw this sweet little alley. I love that right down the street from one of the busiest urban centers in the world, and around two corners, there's a little back alley like this.


The Sanity Inspector said...

That was one of the things I thought was interesting about Gwangju--all the alleys with humble little houses lining them, behind the storefronts.

Brian said...

You can find cool little alleys all over the place. It was fun walking through them in Gangjin. I felt like I was in a kung fu movie. Too bad they're disappearing, even in Suncheon as fields and villages are being torn up to be replaced by apartment complexes built on a grid. Well, there are benefits to both, but the old neighborhoods feel more Korean to me, whether that's right or wrong.

Like the new tagline on your site, by the way. Not the sentiment, but it's a good tagline.