Monday, August 24, 2009

random photos...

Random pictures from the back files.

Fredo Viola: The Sad Song

Hee hee. It makes sense for these two cds to be next to each other.Behind sejong art center. Just like this one.

This old guy was cool. He featured in my one-week-only Roboseyo masthead.
On Namsan, it was startling how many people were taking the same, dumb picture of Seoul Tower between their fingers. Maybe it was on a TV drama.
Seoul National Art Center, or whatever it's called (too lazy to check) south of the river, near Nambu Terminal.

I can cook this. You probably can't. Sucka!


Kelsey said...

What's the food?

Also - love the new header.

Roboseyo said...

it's just potatoes, onions, eggs and a few other things. the glory is in the details.

Matt said...

Agreed, the new header rocks.

JIW said...

Stir fry the potatoes beforehand...

Some cilantro would taste good with that.