Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Few Must-Reads

First: ROK Drop has a piece on the ridicidonkonculous ass-backwardity of Korea's flip-floppy "Listen to what I mean, not what I say!" relationship with the USA that is, all at once, the best explanation I've read so far of why being President of Korea might be the hardest job in the galaxy, an excellent retrospective of the recent US Beef protests, and a great summary of Korea's tortured and conflicted "Why CAN'T we have it both ways?" relationship with the USA.

Second: SeoulLife got in on the complaining expat topic, and brought up the point that almost all the popular K-bloggers are male, and therefore created a site specifically for Korean and English speaking, expat and Korean national, women in the K-blogosphere.  Naked In The Sauna is the name.

Third: James Turnbull of The Grand Narrative (one of my favourite Korea blogs) dropped a few pearls on the expat topic. . . not a full, Grand Narrative Special (those get pretty involved), but worth a look.  Meanwhile, if you have connections with awesome non-teaching jobs in Seoul, or any kind of awesome jobs in Busan, keep your ear to the ground for our blog-buddy James: he's on the market.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks much for the link.

Roboseyo said...

It's the least as I can do. Having a Y chromosome, I can't contribute myself to your project, but creating a feminine space on the K-blogosphere is a worthy endeavour, and deserves a bit of attention. I wish you luck on it.