Friday, August 08, 2008

Tongue twister I composed on Friday at Work:

re: the Asian delivery-boy who loves his job: I envy the Korean curry courier's career.

For all you indie music snobs, and all you who KNOW indie music snobs:

I watch this video two or three times a day. (It's my niece and nephew.)

This pic: when you hand out a student needs survey, and a student just NEEDS to let you know "Hey.  Teacher.  I'm cute as heck, and you better know it."

Rising food prices are hitting the little guy now.  I bet every item on this menu is 500won more than before.

At coldstone creamery in Piano Street, they have mastered "Suggestive Selling" . . . I don't know what that is, but I'd like to see some.  I'm not quite clear on how one CAN sell ice cream suggestively.  Lollipops, sure.  Skin cream, heck yeah.  Ice cream . . . need to see it to believe it.

Two weekends ago, the candlegirl made an appearance at Jogyesa.  I wonder how many bows she made to keep mad cow disease out of Korea.

My favourite anti-government graffiti: (just down from piano street)

that's all for today, folks.



JIW said...

I have worked at Taco Bell in the past and was made to suggestive sale. Basically when someone orders somethng you suggest to them to add on something to ... I guess at Coldstone this would mean an extra scoop or another topping. Usually you say something like..."for only 30 cents more you could get..." It is annoying as heck to do but it does bring in revenue for the company because ppl end up buying more.

Roboseyo said...

yeah. I knew that's probably what they meant, but it's funnier to imagine the clerks touching their fingers to their mouths and wiggling their shoulders as they ask if you want a brownie on top of your ice cream.