Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lee Hyori - U-Go-Gull 이효리 aaaaaand. . . Fetish Bingo!

So, the very demure Lee Hyori,


Korea's favourite pop tart, has a new album out, and her first video seems to be a game of fetish bingo:
Here's the video. It's catchy and fun. Enjoy it now, because by the end of August, if you live in Korea, you'll be grinding your teeth at hearing it for the seven-hundredth time.

My fetish reference count so far (watch carefully: the editing's pretty quick):
Hot Schoolteacher
Sexy Librarian (the bookish character in glasses at the beginning)
Black lingerie (though the corsette-ish lingerie she wears is about as de-fanged of sexiness as she could manage while still name-checking it -- maybe because of controversies like this in Korea in the past, and her face appears on a lingerie mannequin that was wearing something risque, but it's a close-up, so that she's not seen wearing it)
Lollipops (ditto: it was the size of a normal chupa-chup, which makes me want to say, if you're gonna put it in, commit!  At least make it oversized.)
1950s American roller-skate girl (the denim shorts & tied off plaid shirt)
and of course, hot nurse -- which (though the schoolteachers didn't object to THEIR reference) stirred up a mini-controversy online, enough that they seem to have cut the nurse from the official video.

Absent: leather and lace, bondage (I wonder why)

Any other fetishes I missed?

You can see the nurse at about 0.27 of this preview,

a few captures from here

but that cute nurse has vanished from the full-length video.

The song is catchy, with a pretty driving beat -- reminds me of Nellie Furtado throwing down with Timbaland in "Maneater" (best played real loud) -- another song which I like, that features driving rhythms.

The rapper featured is called "Nassun" 낯선 and. . . as with J-Crown from the Jewelry videos a while back, I'll let you decide whether he's a douche or a real badass gangsta. All I'm gonna say is. . . if you can't grow facial hair. . . don't.  Finally, in a review of Hyori's best English lyric-singing so far. . . she's come a long way from "Just one ten minutes" to "I'm gonna get you" to this. . . 

But she still can't pronounce her "r" so I'm sure there are a lot of gulls that feel very empowered by this video.

You go, gull.

(photo source)

Seriously, though, her English in this one gets a solid "B," and if she were speaking it to me directly, I wouldn't be above bumping it up to an A+.

(from the same site as the nurse pictures above: Hyori's promotional photos:)

Does the "made in Korea" sign over her breasts signify her endorsement of the Korean plastic surgery industry?

These are the deep mysteries.

Another tootin' cool video featuring a Korean gull:

Some video editor now needs glasses, from squinting to get the editing right as s/he made this one.


Anonymous said...

"But she still can't pronounce her "r" so I'm sure there are a lot of gulls that feel very empowered by this video."

ahhh...glad I wasn't the only one that thought that XD On a similar note, she says "OK!" in a really cute way. Though after the 70th Ok it's not as cute anymore....

Eehhe...I'm sure you're not the only guy who'd bump Hyori up to an A in English if she was speaking to you face to face....which would become an A++++ with the nurse outfit on :D

Cheri said...

You go gull!

Haha, nice, started to crack up once playing the video... kept thinking of that bird pic you posted.

Unknown said...

You forgot hot maid ...

Rebecca said...

I really enjoyed the dancing girl at the end -- like you said, amazing editing! The music was interesting too, not annoying.

melissa v. said...

hilarious. You rock my world.

Roboseyo said...


seriously? I forgot?

(smacks forehead)

Rebecca: the music isn't annoying. . . the first time. You can hardly imagine how overplayed and ubiquitous K-pop songs are if they go big here -- just walking one block in a shopping district, you'll hear it coming out of three shops. So yeah. I enjoy the song too. For now. It doesn't bother me at all.


Melissa: :D

Anonymous said...

You forgot the awesome name of her album... Hyorish :)

Say that 3 times fast!