Saturday, July 05, 2008

If anything's gonna happen, it's gonna happen tonight.

And I'm bringing my camera.

The protests in Gwanghwamun are still (STILL!) running almost nightly, as the numbers dwindle, the extremists have gotten more violent in order to keep people's attention, newspaper buildings have been attacked, police buses have been destroyed, hundreds have been injured, and Korea has a whacked out protest culture (seriously, follow this link: it'll blow your mind), and while things have been less bat-shit insane this time than previously, if it's going to go overboard, tonight's the night it will.

There are counter-protests to go along with the protests, involving beef supporters, North Korea-supporters (as in, "People are dying, and you're mad about BEEF IMPORTS? Get a phunking GRIP!"), and the protest groups are hoping tonight will be another peak, for some reason or another (maybe because their support is flagging, and they're in the process of showing their colours as primadonnas and attention whores?)

Anyway, gonna be an interesting night, and I'm bringin' my camera!

Here's how I imagine the players (anti-protesters, pro-protesters, police, ring-leaders, etc..) are getting ready for the big throw-down:

Here are the very worth-reading thoughts of Scott Burgeson, or King Baeksu, a fellow who lives right next to the epicenter of the protests, and has attended almost every night.

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