Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For the ladies: a blogoseyo first (and probably only)

I just moved into a new apartment, in order to start a new job at Privacy University, where I'll teach adults (as before) work harder, and have VACATION TIME!!!  I'm also next door to my best friend, so things aren't too shabby.  The new apartment is just about triple the size of my last place, but my stuff is still all over the place.  Anyway, I'm a happy dude.

Random thought of the day:

Now, swimming is one of the best things you can do for your health, so it follows that high-level swimming competitors are probably extremely healthy.

I'm not into guys or anything, (though the people who collected these photos seem to be). . . but Michael Phelps, even if you care nothing for swimming and sports, is an Impressive Human Being: he's a contender for eight (count'em, eight) gold medals at the Beijing Olympics (which I still don't support, but I'm not getting into that here). He won six in the Athens Olympics (and two bronze), and has set his sights on Mark Spitz's single-Olympics record of seven.

Meanwhile, the guy looks like God called up a swimming coach and asked for tips on creating the perfect swimmer. Look at those long gorilla arms and crazy huge hands for scooping through the water.   I mean, he also works hard and he's a hell of a competitor. . . but he sure got the physical tools to go with his mental makeup.

Here's the "for the ladies" part: a little beefcake to balance out all those bikini pics and TNA that I usually post here.

(turn on safesearch before you do a google images search for him, though -- there are certain demographics who, um, like insane sixpacks, and whose sites some of my PG-13 or Focus On The Family readers may not want to accidentally visit -- the things I put myself through for you, dear readers! The things I put myself through.)

However, if you like pictures like this (you're welcome, Melissa), give him a google.

Suddenly, MTV cares about swimming. Hope swimming inc. isn't disappointed when they lose interest after Sixpack, I mean Phelps, retires.

To be fair and balanced, female swimmers are also very very healthy: Amanda Beard, who spent a little while near the top of men's magazines' "Sexiest Female Athlete" lists, battling it out with Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova and a few other people without NIKE contracts, looks very healthy, too.  Amanda once posed for playboy, thus making it hard to find clean pics to post here - turn safesearch on before you do the image search for her,  if you're at work or something.  Luckily, I painstakingly combed through all those dirty pics to find a few excellent, clean pics to help you appraise the condition of her health.  The things I do for you, dear readers.  The things I do.  (More images of Amanda Beard here.)

all images from google images.

both swimmers are seen modelling the Speedo LAZR swimsuit, a ridiculous piece of technology that has grooves set into it that reduce drag, and have led to a whole mess of new world records.  The aluminum bat of swimming, if you will.


melissa v. said...

Ah, thank you for that one :-p
I may be changing my desktop picture if the truth be told...

tamie marie said...

Ah. *Healthy* bodies as beautiful. Yay! Oh I saw a picture of the world record holder in long-distance running. Wowsa. Healthy, muscular, fit bodies are beautiful bodies, it is just a fact.

MandyKat said...

Michael Phelps does have an amazing body. Unfortunately, though, I think you posted three of the worst pictures of his physique I've seen!!!

Roboseyo said...

that may be, MandyKat. . . sorry my pic picks didn't ring your bell,

and if you want to surf the "sixpack sexpack" category on "" for better ones, go ahead, and send them to me if you want me to update the page with better pics. . . but I kind of maxed out on the sidebar photos of the sites that were posting Phelps pics, and had to quit, and go look at Amanda Beard pics to balance things out again.

I agree, Tamie. Healthy bodies are beautiful, no matter which way you slice it. (cf Michaelangelo's David) And there's something so much more attractive about athletes' bodies than models' bodies, simply because for them, their beautiful bodies are FOR something, while for a model, their body's sculpted beauty is an end in itself.