Monday, September 17, 2007

Strange advice and comment-pimping.

Yes, I'm out pimping for comments today.

Two things.

1. I'm surprised at how few comments I had on my rant two posts ago. I'd hoped to hear more people weigh in on this topic.

Those who wrote me personal e-mails are exempt.

2. Strange advice.

Ever noticed an old aphorism or proverb that actually seems like terrible advice? The one that just gets me is "curiousity killed the cat" -- after all the developmental experts telling us that an inquisitive mind should be encouraged, that asking a lot of questions is a sure sign of an intelligent child, we get this smarmy, snappy stifling little saying that basically (if you look at it the right way) means "stop asking questions, kid, Daddy's getting annoyed".

Another one: "Live each day as if it was your last" -- how the heck can you actually do that? If I knew today were my last, I'd skip work, eat the nicest food I could, spend like a sailor, run down a calling card talking to all my loved ones far away, and try to finish my day with the people I love the most (or at least the ones nearby) at my side. If I lived two days as if they were my last in a row, I'd lose my job.

What common folk wisdom or aphorisms never made sense to YOU?

Also: if you have an opinion on my rant, I'd be interested to hear and have a dialogue.



I can't decide whether, as transport vehicles and motorbikes go, this is getting the best of both worlds, or the best of neither.

Funny to look at, though. I wonder where the shop is that does these kinds of alterations. It's obviously a custom job: does that qualify it as a kind of chopper?

"It's a chopper, baby." (Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction)

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bradj said...

Actually this transportation appliance would be called a 'trike'. There are several examples of trikes built out of high end motorcycles rolling on North American highways. They generally look classier here, though aren't as nearly practical, I dare say.

The challenge with those is that there's no leaning to steer. It's all done with the handlebars (like a bike and a sidecar). And of course this conversion adds weight. As such it's not nearly as much fun to ride. But it's still got the "wind in your face feel", so that's something... It would make an excellent getaway vehicle when James Bond comes to your neck of the woods. :-)