Sunday, September 30, 2007

question of the day

been a while since i did one of those.

what would be the most disgusting toothpaste flavour?

(let's narrow this down to items that people would at least conceivably allow in their mouth: that's right. Poo tooth paste is out. All the dung beetles reading my blog sigh and go back to their halitosis-cursed lives of dirty mandibles.)

I'm torn between Ketchup and Big Mac.

What do YOU think would be the grossest flavour?


melissa v. said...

horseradish or currey

tamie marie said...

hot dogs with sauerkraut. i don't know how to spell sauerkraut.

mamachurchmouse said...

apparently you do know how to spell it!

buttermilk. definitely buttermilk. has it's place, but definitely not in toothpaste.