Friday, September 21, 2007

I know harping on this is a faux pas. Last one.

I like this.

I really want to read this: my friend's been talking about it for a while.

As to what I mentioned in my rant post. . . here's something I saw today.

About thirty steps from these folks (today) was a stage with a performance going on. You see, next week is the biggest holiday in Korea: Chusok, the harvest moon festival. It's a big family holiday, and so the festivities are starting up even now, on Friday. A fantastic drum group, vibrating with energy and charisma, performed an amazing show.

I love drumlines. I really do. I think if I were going to take up an instrument for fun, or for social purposes, it would have to be drums. watching these people just give it their all filled me up with joy.

have a good chusok, everybody.


melissa v. said...

hmmmmm it seems your comment pimping is not going so well. HERE'S a comment! I read the article and 100% FUCKING AGREE! Sorry to your readers who may be offended by my language. You don't have to publish this comment if you don't want to. But MAN am I tired of gay bashing and woman hating. Tired, tired, tired. People, feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Love the unloveable. Let us be known by our love and compassion, instead of our hatred and exclusion.
Sometimes we are known by love, and sometimes we get it right; politicising religeon is not one of those times, nor is NO JESUS HELL!
I got evangelized at the water park the other day, by a man who didn't speak English very well. Interesting to have missionaries (? I'm assuming?) sent to me. A bit of a cultural eye opener for me.

melissa v. said...

Is life with Jesus really ONLY about a ticket to heaven? Is fear of eternal fire really what God wants as our motivating factor as we run to him? I find Jesus heaps a full experience of my present life on me as I walk deeper with him, rather than simply being my cha-ching through the pearly gates. He also rips me inside out in order to make me grow. That hurts.